5 new features in iOS 17 were available on Android a long time ago

Apple Music is expected to get a simplified interface and Apple Music lyrics may be viewable directly on the Lock Screen. Notable improvements will be made to the system-wide search and Spotlight functions, though specifics were not made available. It’s possible that the iPad could adopt iPhone-style Lock Screen customizations in iPadOS 17, allowing iPad owners to use Lock Screen widgets, customizable wallpapers, the customizable clock, and more. We’re a couple months away from the June 5 unveiling of the iOS 17 operating system, but we know a limited amount of information about the update because Apple is already working on the software. Invite friends to join your playlist and everyone can add, reorder, and remove songs. The expanded Lockdown Mode increases security to help protect against sophisticated cyber attacks.
With the first iOS 17 beta, Apple has introduced a new accessibility feature called Personal Voice. First highlighted earlier this year, Personal Voice is designed to allow you to use artificial intelligence to create a replica of your voice. Securely sign in to your iPad using a nearby device or any email address or phone number listed in your account.
The Health app comes to iPad with a design optimized for the larger display. See rich details in favorites, review trends and highlights, and use interactive charts. And you can create medication reminders, track your menstrual cycle, and log symptoms right from iPad.
There will also be new features for users with vision issues like nearsightedness. With the iPhone attached to a MagSafe charging stand in a horizontal orientation, for example, the smart home interface will show up, mimicking what users might see with a device like an Echo Show or Google Nest Hub. The functionality will build on the widget options that Apple added to the Lock Screen in iOS 16. Apple wants to make iPhones more useful when they’re not being actively used and are positioned on a desk or nightstand.
According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, iOS 17 will include some of the “most requested features” that users have been wanting, so it may be more significant than was initially thought. Other reliable sources that spoke to MacRumors have highlighted other prospective features such as Control Center updates, active widgets, a revamped Dynamic Island, and more. You now have the option to blur sensitive photos and videos before you choose to view them.
Audio messages are now transcribed, so you can read them in the moment and listen later. Share your location or request a friend’s location from the plus button. When someone shares a location with you, view it directly within your conversation.
This feature will be available in Messages, AirDrop, Contact Posters in the Phone app, FaceTime messages, and third-party apps. seo-keyword.net Tap the new plus button to view all the things you send the most — like photos, audio messages, and your location. Besides these noteworthy features, iOS 17 has a plethora of minor improvements for everyone. While iOS 17 doesn’t seem like a huge update, it’s still one of the most important updates for iPhone users in terms of functionality. This particular feature has been available on Google Pixel devices for quite some time.
Apple is making contact and password sharing a lot easier in iOS 17 by letting users insert them into any text field they encounter in the system. More details on the coming Accessibility features can be found in our dedicated article. The Wallet app in iOS 17 may also be able to show balances for a wider range of credit cards that are linked to Apple Pay. Right now, the Wallet app can only see the balance of the Apple Card, but that could expand, allowing credit card owners to see balances for all their cards in one place. According to leaker Analyst941, the Wallet app will feature a navigation bar at the bottom of the that separates the different functions available in the app. IOS 17 could include new SharePlay functionality for watching content with family and friends over a FaceTime call.
As soon as you open the new entry page, the app will guide you on what to write, and you can also schedule reminders to notify you so you can build your journaling habit. The Journal app isn’t available yet, but Apple plans to release it alongside iOS 17 in 2023. With iOS 17, Apple has extended the Lock Screen customizability from iOS 16 to other parts of the system, like the Phone app. With the new Contact Posters feature, you can now personalize how your contact card looks when you call others. By Jess Weatherbed, a news writer focused on creative industries, computing, and internet culture. Jess started her career at TechRadar, covering news and hardware reviews.
IOS 17 adds a new way to glance at information on your iPhone with StandBy. Whenever you put your iPhone on a wireless charger sideways, your iPhone will activate StandBy and lets you glance at the time, events, weather, widgets, and more information. This mirrors the functionality of the “Call Screen” feature on Google Pixel devices, which has been available since 2019. The Google Assistant answers the call on your behalf, requests the caller’s identity, and presents you with a transcription of their response. Based on this information, you can decide whether to accept the call or not. A selection of quick iOS tips that will make you a lot more time-efficient in the long run.

All of Apple’s products interact with one another in various ways, and so we are expecting new headset-related features in iOS 17. The on-screen Siri interface could be integrated into the Dynamic Island, for example, making the Siri pop-up less obtrusive on the iPhone. Relocating Siri to the Dynamic Island would let onscreen content stay in full view without the current circular Siri interface that overlays the screen. Apple is developing a journaling app that’s designed to allow users to track and record their activities and thoughts through a log of their daily lives. According to The Wall Street Journal, the app will analyze user behavior to determine what a typical day is like, including how much time is spent at home and whether a day included something outside the norm.
NameDrop, a new feature that lets you share your contact details, also takes advantage of this feature. Lastly, AirDrop lets you transfer files over the internet if the recipient leaves the AirDrop range, provided the recipient has signed into their iCloud account. My goal is to inform you of the latest tech news and make you enjoy reading 😉 I am always looking to discover new things. Apple’s new AR/VR headset is expected to be unveiled, along with iOS 17, macOS 14, and more. A selection of macOS tips to make your Mac life a more effortless experience. Apple could make these changes solely in Europe, and it is not yet clear if the WebKit requirement will be lifted worldwide or just for browser apps developed for use in Europe.

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